Furniture Design

For a space to look and feel complete, it needs to have furniture built with purpose and precision. UD Interio understands this and handcrafts custom-made wooden furniture boasting modern functionality while retaining traditional charm.

Bespoke Furniture

Customised to client’s requirements

Artisanal Charm

Bring home years of handcraft experience spoken in the language of furniture

Beauty with Duty

Every handcrafted piece is created to serve a purpose- and look like a vision while doing it!

Traditional Sensibilities in Modern Mechanisms

At UD Interio, we believe in the fusion of traditional and modern to create furnishing magic!


Our gallery

One of a kind Furniture

Create truly unique pieces for your home with our assistance. We focus on the seamless fusion of handcrafted wood oozing artisanal charm along with modern fabrics and colour schemes. 


Frequently Asked Questions answered

The first interaction to determine if we’re the right fit for the project is with a design consultation at your residential or commercial space to be transformed. Our architect/designer sits down with you to discuss your requirements, visions, wants and budget for the project- after this exchange of ideas, the process begins.

Every design project is different and therefore, follow different timelines. Based on your customised needs, a timeframe can be estimated before starting.

The cost of an interior design project is heavily dependent on the scope and a reasonable range can be set based on the client’s budget. UD Interio offers a premium service and therefore, cheap interior designing is not our cup of tea.

The style of a project is heavily dependent on the client’s requirements. However, we believe in the use of clean lines, luxury in simplicity and blending traditional with modern.

Call us at +91 974 514 1349 or email us at to schedule an interior design consultation.